A formal audition required is required for membership in the Southwest Ohio Youth Wind Symphony. Auditions will be scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, October 31st and November 1st

Instrumentalists are accepted based upon the audition score, a recommendation from their band director or private teacher, and instrumentation needs of the ensemble. Complete the online registration form and we will contact you with complete details about the audition process.

Required Etude Auditions

FLUTE: Selected Studies for Flute by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, p. 33 and p. 49

OBOE: Selected Studies for Oboe by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, p. 5 and p. 23

CLARINET Bb AND Eb: Selected Studies for Clarinet by Voxman: Pub. by Rubank, p. 11 and p. 36

CLARINET ALTO, BASS, CONTRAS: Advanced Studies from the Works of J. Weissenborn: arr. Rhoades, Pub. by Southern, #15 (p. 11), #31 (p. 24)

BASSOON: Method for Bassoon by J. Weissenborn/50 studies section in back of book (Catalog # CU96), #13 (p. 121), #21 (p. 129)

SAXOPHONE: Selected Studies for Saxophone by Voxman: Pub. by Rubank , p. 37 and p. 48

TRUMPET: Selected Studies for Trumpet by Voxman: Pub. by Rubank, p. 36 and p. 43

FRENCH HORN: Preparatory Melodies to Solo Work by Pottag: Pub. by Belwin, #13 (p. 6), #57 (p. 23), #70 (p. 28)

TROMBONE AND EUPHONIUM: Selected Studies for Trombone by Voxman: Pub. by Rubank,13 and p. 15 (p.15 3/8 etude only)
NOTE: All Euphoniums, both treble and bass clef, must play the trombone etudes. These may be rewritten into treble clef if desired. The Concert Key (Sounding Pitch) must be maintained.

BASS TROMBONE: 50 Etudes for Bass Trombone and Tenor Trombone with F Attachment by Grigoriev, ed. and arranged by Randall Hawes: Pub. by Encore: #7 (pp. 10-11) and #21 (p. 22)
NOTE: In order to audition for this position, players must use an instrument with the minimum equipment of an “F” attachment and a .525 or larger bore.

TUBA: 70 Studies for BB flat Tuba by Blazevich, Vol. No. 1: Pub. by Robert King, #2 (p. 2) and #37 (pp. 42-43)
NOTE: If selected for participation, Tuba Players are expected to use/borrow an upright tuba as opposed to a bell-front tuba or sousaphone.

PERCUSSION: NOTE: All players will audition using all three of the following instruments: